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I'll plant the seed today.


released September 28, 2019

All music and lyrics written by Nathan Aeli.
Track Nr 5 written with Felix Byström & Daniel Hultdahl
Hidden tracks written with Joakim Martinsson.
All guitars, synths, vocals and noise by Nathan Aeli.
All bass played by Felix Byström.
All drums played by John Andersson of Grace Will Fall.

Co- produced, recorded and mixed by
Ulf Blomberg at HoboRec.
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg.

All photos taken by Jakob Ekvall.


all rights reserved



Nathan Aeli Sweden

Alternative sound pollution from Gothenburg, Swe.

I|ᛞ|I O))

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Track Name: One Hand That's Open
01. One Hand That’s Open

Lights out. Your going blind.
through the dark. I thought,
I’d be the one to take you
by the hand and through
whatever, whenever
with you in there,
but you let go…

Now, to find my own way out
since the path was narrow and you
didn’t wanna, didn’t wanna wear me down.
You said ‘’I can’t give everything you deserve’’
but i just wanted that hand to return.
I just want what you can give.
It doesn’t matter what it is.
What matters now that you go in
there and come back out again
as who you where before you went in.
I thought ‘’We’re wasting time apart
by being away from each other.’’
You made me stronger, broke
my fall when i couldn’t get slow.

It’s the hardest thing,
that i might never see you again.
The mind’s such a dark and despicable place
in which we are trapped with ourselves to save.

8 februari 2016 02:24

// -

Inatt så faller jag
ihop i dina armar.
I alla år som vi har
letat efter varandra
så finner det oss ändå
hur hårt vi än försöker.
Vårt öde är en brand anlagd.
Inatt så ger jag upp, självantänds
där du andas. Bränner ner de städer
vi givit form till förutbestämd aska.
Hur ska jag förklara saknad?
När kniven först går igenom ryggen
för att sen gå igenom hjärtat
så vill jag att du ska veta
att vi hade varandra,
såsom paret vi var
som bodde på Island.

Jag kommer ihåg när du höll mig
så jag inte kunde andas. Du sa:
‘’Det skulle aldrig finnas någon annan.’’

14 april 2016 22:27
Track Name: As The Other Closed
02: As The Other Closed

I can’t find it.
I’ve tried. I’ve failed.
My guilt, my regrets
been causing me
to finally forfeit.

‘’Find us further, further
down, dive after us.
Leave earth behind.
No trace, no sound.’’
...with one hand that’s as open
as your thoughts and mind, free.
...with one hand as the other
…closed for good on me.

You said ‘’Don’t ever stop
being yourself.’’ but all i want is being
someone else than someone else's
Staring, petitioning the empty sky
wondering what keeps us alive,
from floating off the ground.
You’re keeping me earthbound
from floating off the ground,
a pretty good anchor.
Yet you stand there,
eclipse each moment,
bringing no calm
to find i just want to
feel close to you,
a big fat pile where
feelings go to die.
// a big fat pile of
‘’I just want to feel.’’

13 mars 2016 01:13

Today that I’m dancing
under a black glass ceiling star
i wish it didn’t bother me no more.

16 april 2016 20:17
Track Name: Left Behind Along Persiusstr.
03. Left Behind Along Persiusstr.

//: The first one you let in
will be the first one to go
and the more you let in
the more people you’ll hurt
but someday we’ll be done.
Someday, farewell’s soon
and til’ then be patient,
more people you’ll hurt.

Worth while, biding time
catching on what we lost
left behind along Persiusst.
Somewhere i read that;
‘’Berlin muss brennen’’
and thought it’s for me
to begin again…
Puncture my lungs
when i try to breathe in
underwater, making me
incapable. Smother
all other memories of
us ever leaving to…
Re-puncture my lungs.
I’m done breathing. I can’t…
get back up. Put your stones
where your hands was
and watch me learn to
live… and let me
learn to leave them.


‘’Ge mig inte hopp,
det gör ju bara ont.
Så mycket utav mig själv
bara offrades, men du
måste va dig själv.’’

20 april 2016 20:34

Failure’s washing over me
and i can’t seem
to ever close my mouth.
She cut me loose since she
saw me leash on,
ricochet her. Letdown’s
washing over me and I can’t
seam to ever close my mouth.
She took my hand of hers
to realize we’re like waterfalls.

4 april 2016 00:57
Track Name: Give It Away, My Heart
My heart has
plate tectonics,
teeth grinding
against the surface.
It won’t settle or be still,
succumb city after city
that i left to defend.
I’m caught in a
landmine spring
smelling the field
but no catharsis.

My heart and I
guess you know that
I’m stuck with the fear
that my life won’t begin.
Either way we die here,
I just don’t like the aesthetics
… ‘’It’s not about if
or not you want it.’’
My heart and I
guess you know that
what’s given can
never come back.
So won’t you just go
and give it away.

My heart was yours
to never let loose
and to give away.

16 mars 2016 17:04
Track Name: Low, Low, Low
When you go won’t you
please go with me?
I’ll make you my everything.
When all is low, low, low
I’ll be your reason,
I’ll be your purpose.

I’ll be, I’ll be, be your match
to spread your fire in the skies
and to do that you’ll need
to put all indifference aside.
I’ll be, I’ll be there to catch
the hanging moon. It’s glow
will single-handedly scorch
your nerve endings, seize vision.

When forever comes to crash
and your legs snap before
your arms take on to much.


28 mars 2016 02:19
Track Name: 18/5/15
Didn't I do
the best i could?
Didn't I do
the best I could've?
Baby, unfold my eyes enough.
Did we ever do the best we could?
This is all I ever had,
all I ever wanted.
Saving up on soul
to share with someone else.

Yesterday was the day
but you couldn't
and today I didn't
find time for it
but tomorrow
is when I'll plan
to plant the seed.


Right here is where
I'll leave a trial for
our former selves
At that lake place, we'd hide
where we said our goodbyes,
is where I'll leave a trail,
an apple tree in the wild.


16 maj 2016 18:18
Track Name: ~ O ~
06. ~ o ~

You’re a favorite, Sun.
Bathing the color into us.

Put a picture on the wall,
there’s no difference
between us and that city
I recall as a stranger
in my hometown.
The years pass
faster, understand
I’ve been away for
less than days.
It hurts to see you
in the glow, eating
off your precious soul.

27 aug 2012 01:12

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